Game Designer

Here are the projects I took part in only as a Game Designer and not programming in any manner. I’m less and less used to this kind of work as I like to implement things in engine.

First, a word about how I approach my work in Game Design. In my point of view, to build an interesting and coherent experience, it’s necessary to have strong intentions as a base for the game and always refer to them. That’s how I like to work : first define the most precisely the experience intentions, then develop mechanics regarding to it.
After that, I like to discuss with every creation poles to hear their opinion about a mechanic or any other idea developped by game designers. Knowing how the artists plan to represent a mechanic can sometimes give me a lead on how to develop it further. Discuss the same mechanic with programmers may give me a more practical approach of it and make me see from a different angle and improve it.
Finally, I like to always look the « bigger picture ». How a new mechanic fit in the whole game design of the game.



Developed on Unity 5.

Muld is a cross-platform (PC & Tablet) management serious game teaching the player how to manage a farm in Denmark. I worked on that game during my internship at Lucus.

In Muld, the player embodies a farmer trying to run his farm the best he can and realizing his dreams (goals in the game). To do so he has to take care of his animals (pigs, cows or chickens) and his crops. The game has the will to be realistic and thus to show what it really is to be a farmer in Denmark. The game deals with notions such as environmental impact of a farm or the importance of the Supply/Demand law of market.

The game targets the Danish pupils and their teachers as farm management is a subject taught in high school. The discipline covers matters from economics to biology and Muld is a great way to explain all this to the students.

My mission on Muld was to design coherent mechanics to flesh out the overall system and balance it. I also had to design UI and write a tutorial to teach the player how to properly play the game and understand all the teachings the game had to give.

This game made me work with different kind of people than usual like teachers or someone responsible for the pedagogy in the game. I also had to make specific researches to learn a maximum of informations and be as realistic as possible. One of my main problematic was to bring balance between the game aspect and the realism of the experience to keep the game fun and educational.




Galactic Lobby is a 2-4 players 4x boardgame I developed during my first year in Supinfogame with three other students.

In Galactic Lobby, the player embodies the head of a super-company wanting to expand its galactic empire. To do so he has to conquer as many planets as he can. However, other companies have the same idea and the galaxy is not big enough for so much greed. Every player has then to fight, bargain or destroy planets to be the richest at the end of the game when one of them is totally destroyed or the galaxy is completely ruined.

Each game last between 20 and 45 minutes. The experience is based on the rise and fall of each player and the temporary alliances created amongst the players.

On this project I was both Game Designer and Writer. I had to co-design the mechanics, create physical prototypes and create a narrative background justifying the war between the companies (a 20 pages booklet describes all the setting).